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10 Things Homebuyers Won’t Miss About 2020

There’s one particular group of people that’s especially looking forward to the new year: homebuyers. While buying real estate is normally fun and exciting (albeit a bit stressful), 2020 has thrown too many wrenches into the works, and taken much of the enjoyment out of the process.

Here are ten things you can be sure homebuyers won’t miss about 2020:

1. The unpredictability

Real estate is unpredictable in a normal year. Throw in a pandemic, stay-at-home orders, and lots of unemployment and nobody knew for sure what would happen with the market.

2. Delays

In a pandemic, something that should take a day now takes an entire month.

3. Virtual tours

They’re not bad as a matter of convenience, but when it’s the only option… no bueno.

4. Crazy price fluctuations

Who would’ve thought a cabin in Montana would double in value overnight.

5. Out-of-towners flooding the suburban and rural markets

Sorry, there isn’t a Starbucks for miles.

6. Tighter lending guidelines

Mortgage companies be like…

7. Having to worry about whether there’s enough space for a home office

Even if it is the size of a small closet!

8. Being nervous to step foot inside someone’s place

It would be nice to tour an open house without holding your breath the whole time.

9. Local and state offices being closed or remote

If I get the town’s answering machine one more time…

10. Not being able to see their agent’s face

I want to see if they actually look like their headshot!

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