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  • Joanna Drukker

The Most Popular Home Upgrades Of 2020

2020 saw people spending more time at home than ever—and, for many homeowners, all that time at home drove them to tackle a variety of home upgrades.

But which upgrades proved the most popular over the past year?

A recent article from Apartment Therapy asked designers and contractors to share their most-requested home upgrades of 2020. Some of the year’s most in-demand upgrades include:

  • Kitchen banquettes. Homeowners spent most of 2020 cooking and eating at home—and, as such, kitchen banquettes, which make for a stylish, personal, and cozy space to share meals, were among the most requested home upgrades this year.

  • Sanitizing stations. Because proper sanitation was so important in fighting COVID, 2020 saw many homeowners requested “sanitation stations” in their entryways—complete with storage for hand sanitizer, gloves, mask, and other sanitation essentials.

  • Functional closets. With many people spending the majority of their time at home in 2020, no one wanted to stare at a messy, disorganized closet—which is why renovations to make closets more organized, functional, and streamlined were among the most requested home upgrades in 2020.

The Takeaway: So, what does this mean for you? If you’re thinking about upgrading your home, these in-demand upgrades are a great place to start—and if you’re thinking about buying a property in 2021, make sure to keep an eye out for these upgrades.

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